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Our Story

Outfitter Lister was created by avid outdoorsmen who were sick and tired of spending hours and weeks researching which outfitter to book. Finding the right outfitter was a full-time job. You had to “call for pricing”, “call for availability”, navigate your way through lodge’s outdated websites, rely on your buddy’s uncle’s friend’s word that the outfitter can put you on the game. Before Outfitter Lister, there was no convenient or reliable way to search for hunting trips. Now you can easily find and book the best outfitter for you; whether that be based on price, location, rating, availability, or anything else.

Sure, some outfitters have good websites, but they often only post the success stories and positive reviews and don’t always provide the most accurate description of the field, amenities, lodge, or price.

There had to be a better way. Technology and a great user-experience was lacking in the outdoor vacation space. The user was often stuck doing his own research or relying on word of mouth. Two of our most valuable resources were being completely overlooked: TIME and MONEY. It simply took too much time for someone to book a trustworthy hunting experience. On top of that, there was no way to compare prices or tell if you were getting a good deal. Outfitter lister aims to solve all of these problems and more!
We want to create the best user experience for you. All you need to do is pull the trigger!

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Client Testimonials

Kyle C.

I have been wanting and needing something like Outfitter Lister for years! It saves SO much time.

John N.

As someone who is fairly new to hunting, Outfitter Lister makes finding a reputable outfitter a breeze.

Will O.

Everything I need is in one place. I really love the reading the reviews and seeing the locations of everything on a map.

Binary Ranch Outfitters

I love having my business on this website! I can see how many people view my page, promote my business to the world, read reviews, and respond to customers directly. For a small operation like us, we couldn't afford to have our website, and having our own page on Outfitter Lister is even better! The Owner's Dashboard is amazing. We have gotten twice as much business since being on Outfitter Lister!

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